Mobile friendly Christmas

Mobile friendly
Veritasse website now mobile friendly

**** You are viewing the mobile-friendly version of this news update ****

The Veritasse website now has a mobile friendly version to help you place your orders in time for Christmas. We can only guarantee an order arriving in time for Christmas if placed on or before Friday 8th December. After that date, please call us for advice.

You can now order prints and cards in time for Christmas on your desktop computer or while away from your desk using your IPad, Android tablet or smartphone.

When you use a mobile device, you will see the URL of the website change from to  Don’t worry about this, everything should work better on a mobile phone’s smaller screen and you can do most things here too. On a mobile device, the menu appears in a link saying “Site Navigation”. Just click this link to expand and see the whole menu. You can then see all the same pages as the main desktop site (e.g. Originals, Artists, Prints).

You can order from this mobile-friendly site (many customers have already done so) and visit the checkout to complete your order. You do not have to create an account to place an order.

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