Like a rose by Sue Newham

Like a rose trampled on the ground by Sue Newham £550

Like a rose by Sue Newham

This picture was inspired by the song “Above all powers” by Michael W. Smith, which talks about Jesus being  “like a rose trampled on the ground, He took the fall and thought of me above all.” The first version of this picture, painted during worship had drips which happened by accident, but these added so much to the atmosphere of the piece that I incorporated them into the fianl painting. The white rose stands for purity, humility and innocence.  Sue Newham

The painting is acrylic on deep box canvas, framed initially in a white tray frame then framed again in a mottledblack/brown frame which complements the colours in the painting. (See details of the frame below.)

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Customer’s comment: “It made me realise how Jesus felt on the cross more than words could.”